Today almost every online gambler knows what an online casino is and most of all how it works. Actually, the online casinos are moving giant steps into the world of the web and they offer anyone a good chance not only to play for fun, but also to try to earn some extra money from the games.


Types Of Online Casinos


In general, we can say that all the online casinos can be divided into two different groups. The first group includes the casinos whose programs need to be downloaded, while the second group is the one of those casinos that don’t need that.

Let’s give a better look into the two groups of casinos. Casinos that require the download usually offer a software of about 1,6 MB. Once you have completely the download of the software, you have to install it on the hard disk of your device. Sometimes you can also get a free cost CD containing the program (just keep in mind that this operation may took some weeks). This kind of online casinos are therefore also called “to download”.

On the other hand, the casinos that don’t need to be downloaded, offer gamblers the opportunity to start to play immediately, because their games works thanks to the Java technology or the Macromedia Flash. This means that you can play directly on the website of the casino. For this reason, this kind of casinos are also called “java casinos”.


Other Features: The Bonuses


Now, another important part of the casino gaming experience is the chance to get free bonuses. These kinds of rewards are usually offered for free as well given only once a gambler has sent the casino the first deposit.

Bonuses represents a relevant form of advantage, because when you collect a bonus, you also get some extra money to play in the games. This means that you can get your own financial balance increased of that bonus value. The casino bonuses are also important for another reason: they can reduce the risk of loss.