Among other sports betting, betting on football in Canada competitions are the most diverse and uncommon. You can even make a bet on whether a player will be ordered off the field or whether he will get a fine. And this is not a mere caprice of bookmakers but a result of exceptional popularity of this kind of sport.

Among innumerable football fans there are those who are sure they will succeed just because they know almost everything about their favorite team (about both professional and personal affairs), and this gives them a considerable advantage over other gamblers (and even their bookmaker!), which will help them make a lot of money by betting. Unfortunately, such an opinion is fallacious. This information is insufficient to make reliable forecasts, moreover, there is such a negative factor as patriotism, or fan’s feelings. Very often it doesn’t let the gambler to look at the situation impartially and to estimate objectively the probability of win.
One should also remember that bookmakers are very good professionals, contrary to most gamblers to whom sports betting is just a hobby, to any bookmaker betting is professional occupation and money making tool; they just cannot afford to be inaccurate in their calculations and forecasts. That is why they so carefully search for all existing information and base their odds on very thoroughly thought out calculations. Moreover, a very significant advantage of any bookmaker over sports fans is that the bookmaker accepts the situation with minimum of emotions and very objectively.
One of the most general gamblers’ mistakes is excessive reliance in statistics, where several pettifoggers even manage to trace a kind of conformity to natural laws. But the outcome of any competition cannot depend on previous games, its results are unplanned and variate. Still, statistics can give valuable information and it should be considered – but only in a complex with other factors. Thus, if there is no other information, bookmakers even base their odds lines on statistics. Moreover, statistics can show the main tendencies and tell us about teams’ abilities and prospects.

Another very important aspect is the ability to read odds lines. Very often they influence a lot gamblers’ choice. Generally, all gamblers can be divided into two categories – those who chose the event using as basis their intuition and forecasts, and those who chose the event (and even its outcome) by odds, even if the outcome doesn’t seem real. Each of these two strategies has its advantages and disadvantages, and it’s difficult to predict which one will be more profitable. The revenue will come by two different schemes, but in the long run it will be approximately the same. But here we must not forget about another very important aspect that is rather often neglected. Some gamblers – from those who use their intuition and knowledge – rarely compare odds that are given by various bookmakers for the one and the same competition or outcome. But the odds differ a lot and, making big bets, a gambler may lose a lot of money he could have won. Still, here everyone chooses his own way, some gamblers prefer to lose some of their revenue with a reliable bookmaker but be sure that they will not